Daily Diary September 28th, 2020

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Daily Diary September 28th, 2020


What is victory? It is success in a struggle against difficulties or an obstacle. Victory is the state of having triumphed. Victory refers especially to the FINAL defeat of an enemy or opponent.

Based on the definition of victory, we can conclude that there must be an enemy or opponent before there can be a battle. Therefore, if there is a battle that takes place, then someone will be victorious. If victory also tells us that the defeat is FINAL, then we can conclude that the battle will be finished once and for all!

Team sports allow us to create a situation to battle for victory. It determines the steps and the process we need to follow. We must be prepared for the battle.

In team sports, we will face an enemy on a given date in time. Our success on the date in time will be determined by who is better equipped. Therefore, we understand that there is a “time frame” that we have to prepare for this battle.

The team that is the most prepared will often be victorious during the battle. To prepare at the highest level for the battle, it takes key foundational character elements. Those elements include: truth, choices, discipline, sacrifice, and love.When the right foundation is established in team sports, the percent chance of victory increases. One might determine that victory is inevitable.

When the right foundation is established in team sports, the percent chance of victory increases. One might determine that victory is inevitable.

As coaches we can also conclude that the enemy or opponent is also preparing for this battle. He will do whatever is necessary to be victorious.

The Rule Book and Guidelines are available for any sport that we are playing. Both sides are given equal access to these rules, and it is up to the coaches and teams to use what is at their disposal to prepare accordingly.

If this is true, then we can conclude that knowing the most about our Rules and Guidelines and preparing for “them” will increase our chance of victory. We wouldn’t prepare to play a football game and then play basketball!

Coaching teaches us about doing what is necessary to be prepared on game day! That day our skills and knowledge will be put to the test to determine the outcome of the contest. The more times we have been faced with a situation also helps us to prepare in a way to overcome its difficulties and potential changes that are possible, thus leaving us more prepared for the next battle.

If victory in a game is final, then this means that a contest has come to an end! It is final! Then a new time frame is created that we have to prepare for the next battle. Becoming victorious in each contest is a journey! The foundations of character we take with us allow us to mature and grow in our skills and knowledge to be more prepared each time.

In life we face a battle as well. That battle is spiritual and fought for souls. In this battle of life, victory is final. Upon circumstances and death in our flesh, we can be defeated or we can be victorious.

The Rule Book for this game of LIFE is the Word of God. It holds the “truth” for how we can be victorious. Our opponent in this battle is the enemy. He also knows the Word! He knows it very well and will use every tactic to defeat us.

If we are gaining our knowledge on how to live life from the “world,” then it comes from Satan’s playbook. In the Word of God, it tells us that the enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy. Those are his tools to bring him victory over us. He doesn’t want us to see the Playbook that God created for us. He wants us to be UNPREPARED for the battles we face. Most of the time the enemy is more prepared than we are, perhaps he is all the time. He has had many seasons and battles to learn from. He has a great deal of experience of how to trip us up and keep us from victory.

Jesus came to earth and died for us so that we would have the FINAL victory. We had made mistakes and fallen to the enemy’s battle plans too many times. In this game, we were not more prepared than the enemy. We were foolish and chose the wrong things. We had let our sin and fleshly desires rule over us. We were condemned to the destruction that Satan had for us.

Jesus snatched the victory away from Satan at the cross. He bought back our right to be with the Father in Heaven once and for all. The Word of God has the same foundation in it that made Jesus the Victor. It is the foundation that brings us victory as coaches every time. The scoreboard in a game doesn’t always say that we were victorious, but the ultimate outcome of a foundation created by God inevitably brings us victory.

If facing battles is a “journey,” then why shouldn’t we coach players with a foundation that will lead them toward the “truth” and eventually the final victory? We must apply this foundation to every aspect of life including our family, children, parents, work, and team. You can’t argue with God’s plan. We must take the key foundations that GOD Himself gave us and apply them to our teams. God’s plan is the only plan that guarantees the true final victory!

1 John 5:4-5  For whatever is born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world—our faith.Who is he who overcomes the world, but he who believes that Jesus is the Son of God?

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Mark Ward

Mark Ward

Mark Ward - Mark is a coach, evangelist and motivational speaker that is dedicated to spreading the gospel on multiple platforms which include being the co-founder of, Team Spirit Youth Outreach and Churches Aid while being the youth pastor at Harvest Fellowship Church. Part of Mark’s passion is to help Coaches and athletes create an environment that will prepare youth for life beyond sports. Traveling evangelism has become a main part of Mark's focus, where he is dedicated to reach out to all areas that God would provide opportunity to spread the gospel.

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