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Baseball Learning 1


The Blog message below talks about UNITY and LOVE for the team and group.  This requires everyone to pull together behind the team concept.

Blog story below - TITLE: VICTORY IN LOVE!

Bryce Harper Cage Work

Brett Butler Bunting

He is left handed but he makes all the key points about hands high, level, not getting out of the box till the ball is on the ground.  Balance is the key and ball getting to the bunt zone.


We have a winnable District Tournament.  Bracket is located below.

I have decided to utilize this space and time to help coach us through this waiting period.  The links below will guide you through different things that will help prepare us for Baseball, Districts, Life and beyond.  

Please make a point to watch the short videos and read the "Blog Story" for today.


Coach Ward

Blog story below - TITLE: PRESS ON!


Some of our hitting struggles have been associated to staying back and letting the pitch get to the hit zone. This video gives some good tips on how to do that.  I realize it is difficult to get swings during this quarantine, BUT these drills do not require the swing but rather to work on the stride and ball positioning.  I have told you many times that we need to practice our stride while keeping our hands back.  Try and do this every day to train youself to be balanced behind the pitch. 


ALSO:  I like this Chipper Jones Video of how to Load your wait.  This also can be practiced without a ball and with just dry swings.

Screen Shot 2020-09-14 at 10.54.26 AM.png

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